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We explored the world and found opportunities to make it better. We formed a strategy and began to act. We are now launching the first stage on 4ets.com. Join us

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23 sep, 2024   •   2h 30 min Product creation and development Product, Marketing, Development, Future, Startup, Business Modern IT projects, directions and development strategy, marketing. Video calling 27 aug, 2024   •   1h, 30 min Businesses and startups Startup, Business, Strategy, Investment, Idea Difficulties, mistakes and interesting solutions, ideas, strategy development, attraction of investments. Video calling 26 aug, 2024   •   1h, 30 min Personal and corporate investments Investment, Stock, OTC, IPO, ICO, Blockchain Stock, OTC markets, cryptocurrency. News, ideas and their analysis. Analysis of mistakes, strategy formation. Video calling 12 aug, 2024   •   40 min Rest, health, efficiency Health, Relax, Self-development, Meditation Quality recreation, good health, high efficiency and development. Event 5 aug, 2024   •   50 min Career management Life, Career, Education, HR, Management Career building. Video calling 22 jul, 2024   •   2h 30 min Communications and Collaborations Collaboration, Communication, Design, Arts Online, offline and metaverse communication and collaboration. Video calling 8 jul, 2024   •   5h, 00 min Fashion Arts, Clothes, Fashion, Design, Metaverse, Collaboration Development and future of Fashion in offline and metaverse. Video calling 1 jul, 2024   •   10h, 00 min Quarterly meeting on the development of directions 7ets, Startup, Business, Strategy Indicators by directions and projects. Difficulties and suggestions for development. Video calling 24 jun, 2024   •   4h, 20 min Summer demo day DemoDay, Startup, Business, Future, Idea Annual summer presentation of projects. Video calling